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Advanced Treatment. Stronger Recovery.

Our team is trained, experienced and ready to help you get back to your best self with the latest equipment and modules, conveniently located in our facility. With experienced physical therapists, speech therapists and occupational therapists on staff, our comprehensive rehabilitation program offers the most promising advances in recovery and skill redevelopment.

Expertise with Care.

Our trained and experienced therapists offer cutting-edge rehabilitation delivered with compassion, care and consideration. Their thorough case planning and supervision aid in facilitating your full recovery. Some examples of the rehab that we provide in Bezalel are: Post hip and knee replacements, cardiac rehab, Post CVA (stroke), balance retraining etc.

Our goal is to get you as strong as you were before in the quickest possible turnaround time. We are proud to say that we have been very successful in doing so, and many residents, family members and physicians have been pleasantly surprised by our speedy recovery track record.

Your Rehab.

Bezalel’s rehabilitation annex is extremely spacious and has a wonderful modern design and feel to it. We have a large variety of the most up-to-date and highest quality equipment, treating and rehabilitating all types of post-surgery and general rehab patients. Our beautiful ADL (Activities of Daily Living) Suite contains everything you need, including an actual car, to help you return to your old self.

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