Special Services and Facilities.

Bezalel is exceedingly unique in some of the special services and areas that are made available to its residents and their families.

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Outdoor Oasis.

Our backyard garden and patio are truly one of a kind.
The seating location is large and spacious and is adjacent to a breathtaking waterfall. In addition, there is an outdoor kitchen and grilling area to host special barbecues for our residents during the warmer months of the year.
The garden provides added relaxation and beauty for leisure scenic strolls and therapeutic walking. The garden contains our famous golfing area in which our residents can enjoy a short round of golf. This activity is therapeutic for our residents, as it aids in dexterity and hand-eye coordination. There is also a gazebo located in the garden, which has seating around an outdoor fireplace and a large screen TV.  
The entire oasis is a perfect place for our residents to relax and socialize with other residents and visitors.