Premier Nursing & Medical Care

Unparalleled Care. Unmatched Attention.

You can be confident when entrusting your loved ones in the capable hands of our superior nursing staff. We pride ourselves in all aspects of nursing care: taking care of the residents’ personal daily needs, healing with medication and treatments, the overall medical management and assisting them in becoming healthier each day.

We perform very well on our Department of Health surveys, and our excellent nursing department deserves much recognition for this. Additionally, one of the major segments of nursing home care is wound health. Our wound doctor and designated wound nurses are phenomenal at treating and preventing wounds, and as a result we are recognized with excellent ratings for our wound care.

Care, On Call 24/7.

Feel relaxed and at ease knowing that the people you care about most are safe and sound at all times.

Your Health Comes First.

At Bezalel recovery begins right away. From the first day of admission, our nursing team is able and ready to create individualized and comprehensive plans of care. We make every effort to get to know our residents’ needs very thoroughly at the beginning of their stay, so we can care for them every step of the way.

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