Nourishing the Body and Heart.

Bezalel’s residents enjoy delicious health-conscious meals, prepared with the utmost standards in quality, freshness and taste. Aside from the plentiful and wholesome main menu, there are several alternatives offered at each meal to accommodate all different diets and preferences.

Nutritional Supervision.

Our menus are expertly planned and approved by our dietitians, which support each residents’ dietary needs, in order to maintain and improve their health.

Fine Dining.

The dining experience at Bezalel has always been a source of pride for us, as we have received many compliments on our food. The meals are homey, delicious and are served with love and care. Our main dining hall and dining rooms on the units are both stylish and comfortable. In addition to the three kosher meals served daily, tasty snacks are brought to each resident room and to the day rooms throughout the day. Furthermore, we are thrilled to announce that our brand-new patio will host many barbecues and other functions throughout the warmer months of the year for our residents’ enjoyment. We believe that food and dining is an integral part of one’s day during their stay at a healthcare facility, and it is why we aim really high to please and have succeeded in doing so.

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