I am here for rehabilitation, and in the short time that I have been in Bezalel, I have noticed how well your staff works in the different departments! I feel right at home here. Although I would love to live here permanently, I know that rehab is short term and works by individual progress. My hat’s off to your kitchen staff. I am used to living on Long Island, one of the best places in the world to live, according to my own opinion, and have tasted good cuisine in many nice places to dine, (some 5 star quality). I would like to say that I’d give Bezalel a 5 star rating for food! All around, including the cleaning and maintenance crew and all the people you’ve hired, I give you an A++ rating!


When I heard that I was going to a rehab center, well, I just wasn’t happy. However, being at BEZALEL was a pleasure! I want to thank the 4th floor teams. On the morning, midday and night shifts, the service and care were always the same – with a smile! I would like to recognize the caring and compassionate aides and nurses, who were always there when needed. Also, I would like to give the kitchen staff a special thank you as well. This establishment is kept clean and well maintained on a daily basis. As a resident, you can ask anyone of the staff a question and get an answer. I hope I never need your service again, (haha), however, if I ever do, I will be here on the 4th floor. Also, I will recommend this establishment to anyone I know that will need a rehab center. So thank you for the care you gave to me.


To the staff of Bezalel Nursing Home, My mother was already very sick when she entered Bezalel. As I sat with her day after day, I remember thinking that I wished she could appreciate what Bezalel had to offer. The response time between my requests for a nurse to check on my mother, and a nurse or nursing supervisor to take care of a need - was usually within five minutes. It was! And in my great need to do all I could for my mother, my requests were often! The food was so plentiful! The dining room is so beautiful. My mother always looked clean and well taken care of. My visits were daily, and because I live locally, about twice a day. I watched the recreation staff work daily with the patients. Although my mother was bed bound and losing awareness of her surroundings, a recreational staff member came to her room to play guitar, he was so good. I watched my mother's eyes, she was listening. My mother failed 2 swallow evaluations before entering Bezalel. After passing a third swallow evaluation in the hospital, Bezalel's speech therapist spent so much time training me to feed my mother, after not being able to for a year. Thank you!


To the staff of Bezalel Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Facility, My family and I would like to sincerely express our thanks for all of the wonderful care that was provided for my mother, T.O., while she was a patient in your sub acute rehab facility. My mother's medical condition was, at least to me, quite complex. The care, concern and warmth of each and every staff member made my mother feel as comfortable as possible in her last days. Even the slightest question or concern that I had was immediately addressed, leading me and my family with the feeling that my mother was being taken care of with the utmost understanding of her situation. With wishes and blessings for the continued success of this facility.


My mom was a resident at Bezalel for 7 years. The staff was very caring and compassionate, and went above and beyond in all they did. The building is clean and beautiful. I cannot say enough good things about Bezalel!


My brother has been a resident at Bezalel for 8 years. The personnel are professional and caring, and my brother is treated with respect at all times. If I have a question or a concern, the staff is always available to speak with me. There are all sorts of various activities and recreation programs, which my brother enjoys participating in. The facility is clean and quite pleasant. If anyone needs nursing or rehab care, I would strongly recommend Bezalel.